Now only $87.00  includes Priority mail shipping . Get ready to  dig those creek beds, that has that better chance of Gold in the material. Just waiting for you to dig it up.                   The Bottom Digger -Were a back'hoe can't go.

For that almost serious gold prospector. The poor mans Dredge. I designed and patent this shovel out of necessity. The claims that I am working on in the Black Hills, are on Forest Service land and they do not allow any mechanical devices. Everything must be done by hand.  Finding Gold is all about moving material in a gold bearing creek. So why not move the material That has a better chance of having the Gold in it. You find that material closer to Bed Rock.  So  I came up with the Bottom Digger. I have used the   Bottom Digger  in many different claims in five different states and found Gold at each one. So I'm giving a Money Back  Guarantee to Retrieve Gold.                                                

 The Bottom Digger is made out of aluminum, very lightweight, strong shovel, The Bottom Digger allows you to dig underwater and retrieve  material in the shovel without losing any material on the way up. I designed a special lip on the inside of the bucket that keeps all the heavier material in it until you are ready to dump it into your classifer.       The teeth on the front, are made of very sharp ,hardened steel, which allows you  to dig in the hard material and move the rocks out of the way and get the material under those rocks. It also comes with a flat blade to clean the material off the bedrock. The bucket takes any square wheelbarrow handle or post hole digger handles that you can get at a hardware store ,such as Lowe's and has a quick release pin to change to different size handles ,depending on the locations you are working.Be sure you watch the Video below.  Price at $87.00   and free shipping to location in the U.S A. I Ship the Bottom Digger by Priority Mail which usual will take 3 days to get to you.       To order go back to catalog to Bottom Digger. Check out my Show Schedule to see were I will be set up to sell.  See You at the GPAA Gold And Treasure Show In Denver Co. May 16-17 at the National Western Complex

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