I want to thank everyone that has order my work over the years, but after 40 years of cutting coins I am starting to slow down. My eyes and body just are not what they use to be and I'm not able to produce and keep up with orders, So I have decided that when I get back to the Black Hills and set up at Crazy Horse Memorial again around May 1. I'm going to close, shut down my website and no longer will be selling on Line. You will only be able to buy them at the locations I'm set up at. Check my Show Schedule for the locations

  Theres been few craftsmen such as Randy Price that has successfully mastered the art of

CUT COIN JEWELRY. With immense patience and precision , Randy, by hand, brings out the

the full deail of each of his coins , revealing a beauty not before apparent.  Attention   I am no longer gold and silver plating my coins, the two toning will not be done anymore. I am slowly getting all the pictures changed over. It all takes time, I'm great at cutting coins ,not to great at websites.

                  To view coins and prices click on  Coin Catalog then on category, such as Foreign coins, New State Quarters, Sport coins .  You can now pay with paypal.  OR

  Mail in the order, Click on Payment and print off order form.  Fill it out and mail it to, This is my Summer address                                Randy Price

                                                            P.O. Box 373

                                                        Custer , South Dakota





        To find out where I'm set up now go to Show Schedule.   

        If you wish to leave a comment on any of my pieces of work or comment  on how the Bottom Digger works for you, please go to catalog and find item and then below the item you can leave or comments.                                               

    You can e-mail me at  I can then get started on it so I can ship out as soon as I get your order in the mail. I will gladly accept your check and money orders .


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